How To Register

In order to register a listing simply click 'Advertise your Agency' you will be presented with three Listing types, choose which one and follow the instructions. You can upgrade from one listing to another at a later date.

There are three types of listing available in DetectivesUK:

FREE - This is a basic listing that locates your Agency at the registration point only (town/post code). You have access to a dashboard and can advertise your company name, contact details and email address. It is a timed listing and will need to be updated after approximately six weeks.

REGULAR - This listing appears above the Free listings in your home region and includes:

- 24 hour access to edit or upload new information
- A fully functional dashboard
- A Profile Page to highlight your agency's information
- Visitor statistics
- A choice of up to six extra operational UK regions
- An unlimited choice of services you offer

It is important to note, regions, towns and services are searchable by a visitor to DetectivesUK.

PREMIUM - This listing includes all the Regular Listing features but also allows:
- An unlimited selection of UK regions making your agency potentially nationwide
- Top of search results in your home region (if there are more than one agency displaying a Premium Listing, the results will randomly alternate the top spots)
- A second office name, address, location and contact details to be added (please note the second office will share the services offered by the first office)
- An upload of your company logo onto your Profile Page

Box Adverts / Featured Adverts - We are able to include box adverts on selected pages and a total of six Featured Adverts on the front page. There will be a total of nine Featured Adverts sold which will randomly rotate and link directly to your company website.
For more information please contact Rob at

Please note payment is by secure (SSL) yearly subscription through Paypal and the Agency can terminate the subscription at any time. However there is no part refund unless in exceptional circumstances and the listing will automatically expire upon it's end date without further charge.